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Modern Process, Project  and Knowledge Management

Dordikesh provides first-class consultation in end2end process management (concept and solution), process automation, unified knowledge management, seamless omni-channel communication, business intelligence (BI), and automation of incoming document processing based on Large Language Models (LLM).

The main platform is Atlassian Jira for process-related solutions and Atlassian Confluence for knowledge- and information management.

Our framework includes other low-code platforms including PowerAutomate, Salesforce or WordPress.

We have a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to more than six companies across Europe, Asia and North America.

At Dordikesh, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results quickly and efficiently with highest quality. We understand that technology matters, and we are dedicated to harnessing the full potential of AI and Atlassian's powerful workflow engine to drive your business forward.

Our Services

Our Services

End2end process management, unified knowledge management, omni-channel soltuions, well-designed enterprise architecture are a necessity for any successful company in the third decade of the 21st century.

End2End Process Management

with Jira

Procedures within a company shall not be devised and managed separately, but as part of an end2end process.

Atlassian Jira provides a flexible engine to realize such a vision.

Comlex Project Management with Jira and BigPicture

Atlassian Jira together with a few useful plugins offer a modern and fully customized platform to manage any large-scale and/or complex project. This is accomplished through extensive customization to develope and optimize alow-code solution.

Unified Knowledge Management

with Confluence

Effective and collaborative knowledge management is essential for any company.

Atlassian Confluence provides a modern platform to achieve this.


“Within less than 2 years, Dordikesh helped us grow our customer base by 600%, with only 100% increase in human resources.
My colleagues didn't know such an automation is possible with a low-code platform (Jira), until they witnessed the results.”


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