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Atlassian & Technology Consulting & Services

Dordikesh provides first-class consultation and services in process automation and business intelligence with Atlassian Jira&Confluence.

With more than 10 years expertise of our consultants in developing complex Atlassian-based solutions for more than 5 companies in Europe and North America, we can provide end2end process automation and ERP regardless of scale and complexity. What SAP claims to do in five years, we finish in 5 months at one tenth of the costs. Technology matters.

Our Services

Our Services

End2end process management, unified knowledge management, omni-channel soltuions, well-designed enterprise architecture are a necessity for any successful company in the third decade of the 21st century.

End2End Process Management

Procedures within a company shall not be devised and managed separately, but as part of an end2end process.

Atlassian Jira provides a flexible engine to realize such a vision.

Unified Knowledge Management

Effective and collaborative knowledge management is essential for any company.

Atlassian Confluence provides a modern platform to achieve this.

Omni-Channel Communication

External communication, whether B2C or B2B should run smoothly and in a unified fashion.

Modern low-code platform support facilitating all communication channels via a coherent platform.


“Within less than 2 years, Dordikesh helped us grow our customer base by 600%, with only 100% increase in human resources.
My colleagues didn't know such an automation is possible with a low-code platform (Jira), until they witnessed the results.”


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