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(Altassian-based) Products

DORDI: End2End Claim Management

DORDI is the name of our masterpiece Atlassian solutionn for automating legal services. It stands for Digitale Omnichannel Rechts-Dienstleistungs-Infrastruktur. This solution was personalized and utilized successfully for a Legal-Tech company to automate the majority of their processes for a modern Car Accident Claim Management.

The end product is a show-case on what level of complexity can be automated and managed with Atlassian Jira, using Dordikesh's valuable IP (including development Framework and multi-workflow parallel processing).

DORDI End2End Schadenmanagement

Personalized HR-Solution

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End2End HR Solution

Automatic Document Processing (IDP + Jira)

We have developed a modern low-code concept to integrate an IDP with Atlassian Jira and large language models (e.g. ChatGPT) to catch, process and read various complex document types and apply their attributes to fully automate incoming document processing.

Automatic Document Processing with AI

Legal Actions Management

For lawyers and law firms alike, maintaining a comprehensive overview of ongoing cases and a well-organized archive of past cases is of great importance.

Dordikesh provides a fully personalized platform designed to streamline case management processes with unparalleled efficiency. Not only does our low-code solution enable tracking the status and progress of each case, but it also automates every conceivable step in the process.

From sending timely reminder emails to generating necessary documents, processing incoming correspondence, and handling payments seamlessly, Dordikesh ensures that no aspect of case management is overlooked or delayed. With its automated features, Dordikesh optimizes workflow, allowing legal professionals to focus their time and energy on delivering exceptional client service and achieving successful outcomes.


PMO Platform for Complex Project Management

Complex and large-scale projects demand a tailored approach to project management office (PMO) operations, as well as effective management of project backlogs and milestones.

Off-the-shelf solutions often fall short in meeting the unique needs of these projects, including specific role assignments, group structures, permission settings, task categorizations, and reminder functionalities. Consequently, leveraging a low-code platform becomes indispensable, offering approximately 80% of the essential functionalities for project management, while allowing for customization to address project-specific requirements.

Drawing from our extensive expertise, we have experience in successfully developing tailored solutions using Jira for two substantial projects undertaken by Provinzial and Deutsche Telekom. These projects involved hundreds of team members and spanned several years, with budgets totaling millions of euros.

In both instances, the implementation of a customized platform played a pivotal role in the successful execution of these large-scale prog. By aligning the platform precisely with the project's intricacies and requirements, we ensured streamlined operations, enhanced collaboration, and ultimately, the attainment of project objectives.


Enterprise Innovation Management

In the fast-paced world of modern business, innovation is the cornerstone of success. With DordIdea, powered by Atlassian JSM, your organization can harness the collective creativity of both employees and customers to drive groundbreaking ideas and transformative change.

DordIdea offers a robust and intuitive platform where innovative ideas can be effortlessly submitted, collaboratively refined, and meticulously evaluated by designated committees or fellow users. 

Dordiea - Collaborative Innovation Management.png

Any comlex process can be automated!

As shown above, lots of complex processes can be automated and managed on a low-code platform, including Atlassian Jira.

Please note that not are the products listed here are for sale. Some products have been developed for only one customer, and are listed solely to show the possibilities of Jira.

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