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Why Choose Dordikesh Consulting?


We have more than 10 years of experience in Atlassian products, end2end process management, holistic knowledge management and omni-channel communication.


Our custom-made framework for Atlassian Jira and our concept of seamless app and SaaS integrations puts Jira on streoid and qualifies it to be a modern and low-code ERP for any organization/industry.


With over 15 years experience in requirement analysis, we can extract and analyze requirements and devise a well-thought concept to automate and/or facilitate any processes within an organization and between organizations.


We have experience in international companies in three different continents in the past 20 years. This enables us to acknowledge and respect cultural differences in managing projects in international projects and teams.


We have successfully applied our framework and concept in numerous companies in various industries for

  • large project management,

  • complex process management,

  • HR solution,

  • innovation management and

  • unified knowledge management.

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