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AI-based Document Processing

Dordikesh leads the way in harnessing advanced AI technologies to revolutionize document processing within organizations. With our extensive expertise, we excel in conceptualizing and implementing tailored solutions that leverage both classic and generative AI approaches. Our solutions seamlessly automate the processing of incoming documents, whether it's invoices, contracts, or customer inquiries, and seamlessly integrate them into relevant internal processes.

By combining our deep understanding of AI capabilities with our proficiency in process optimization, we ensure that every document is handled with precision and efficiency. From automating data extraction to intelligent routing and decision-making, our solutions streamline workflows, eliminate manual errors, and enhance productivity across the board.

At Dordikesh, we believe in the power of technology to drive meaningful change. With our AI-driven document processing solutions, organizations can unlock new levels of agility, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Experience the future of document management with Dordikesh as your trusted partner.

At Dordikesh, we recently showcased our expertise by developing a solution based on  PowerAutomate and Jira for one of our clients. This solution efficiently processes over 10 different document types, including complex ones like accident inspection reports. Leveraging PowerAutomate's capabilities and Jira's workflow engine, we accurately extract data and trigger fully automated processes, from creating new cases to triggering sending notifications or updating existing cases. Our showcase demonstrates our competence to innovation and our ability to deliver tailored solutions that drive efficiency and streamline operations for our clients.

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